ROCK at St. Peter Parish is a Catholic youth ministry program for high school and middle school youth in grades 7-12. The mission and design are one and the same: to draw young people into a safe environment where they are empowered to become disciples of Jesus Christ with fostered care and support of mentors and peers.

What a year we have had…

Thank you to all who made ROCK possible this year: the adult leaders, the teens that came out, the parish support!  This ministry is not possible without the help and generosity of so many people.

This year, the teens were challenged to grow in discipleship, step out of their comfort zone, learn how to pray, and had fun doing it.  There seems to be a stigma in the world that youth groups are for a “particular” group of people.  That is not true.  I’ve seen all sorts of teens grace the Bethany Room this year.  No one fits into the mold that the world stigmatizes youth groups with.  True friendships were formed and deepened by honest conversations about the happenings in the teens’ daily lives and connecting them to their faith life.

We all need mentors.  We all need community.  We all need love.  We all need support.  ROCK is a group of teens who do that all for each other.  They are guided by adults, but the teens encourage each other, the teens love and support each other, and they challenge each other to grow into the person God has made them to be.   It is a blessing for me to see the teens maturing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We pause a bit from our regular weekly gatherings in the Bethany Room after the 11 AM Mass, but we never pause from growing in relationship with Jesus Christ.  A summer gathering schedule will be posted and shared in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned for more information!

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