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The Saint Peter Media Ministry aims to connect the Parish at all times by providing quality content across all social media platforms. The Church around the world is presented with a very specific challenge: connect with their Parish community virtually. This comes in many forms, including through the Parish website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

Fortunately at Saint Peter Catholic Church, we are moving to a more consistent Media Ministry after the COVID-19 outbreak. With the world shifting online, virtual evangelism has become more of a priority for us at Saint Peter. The media ministry wants to keep the church in your life no matter where you are or what device you use. 

If you want a video made and published through social media or for those at mass, make a request by filling out a video request form. Have a question? Email 

Ryan Morris sat down with Father Mike Fitzpatrick to discuss New Evangelization.

Media Room

The Media Room is designed to be a space where great Catholic content is produced so that it may be shared widely on various digital platforms. It has a nice warm atmosphere where interviews can be conducted with ideal lighting and sound conditions.