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Saint Peter Catholic Church

Ministry of Lectors

Contact: Austin Flinn, Director of Music and Coordinator of Liturgies

email: austin@saintpeterchurch.net

Thank you for your interest in serving as Lector at Saint Peter Church!  

The Church articulates that a Lector is “instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel. 

They may also announce the intentions for the Universal Prayer and, in the absence of a psalmist, recite the Psalm between the readings.” (GIRM 99)

The responsibilities of Lectors generally proceed as follows:

Before coming to Mass

-Using the Ministry Scheduler Pro website or app, confirm that you are scheduled for your intended mass.

-Additionally, check whether the other Lector position has been filled.

-Prepare both readings ahead of time in case the other Lector is absent!

-On weeks where there are multiple options for readings, or long/short forms, confirm with Austin as to which options are being used.

When you arrive 

-Check your name off on the posted schedule in the Sacristy

-If possible, check in with the other Lector so you are both aware that the other is present.

-Sit as close as you are able to the steps leading up to the Ambo.

During Mass

-The First Lector approaches the Ambo as the people are seated following the opening prayer.

-If there is no Cantor, the First Lector proclaims the Responsorial Psalm after the First Reading.

-The Second Lector approaches the Ambo at the conclusion of the Responsorial Psalm.

-Following the Second Reading:

-If a Deacon is serving, the Second Lector brings the Lectionary with them to their seat.

-If a Deacon is not serving, the Second Lector leaves the Lectionary at the Ambo. 

-Additionally, in the absence of a Deacon, the Second Lector recites the Universal Prayer after the Creed. 

They may approach the Ambo again as the last paragraph of the Creed begins (“I believe in one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic church”)

and return to their seat after the Priest finishes his concluding prayer.

General Norms and Tips

-Always reverence towards the tabernacle when approaching the Ambo or returning to your seat.  When the cantor is coming up or returning from singing the psalm, aim to coordinate your bows! 

-Adjust the microphone if necessary.  To avoid excessive noise or audibility issues, the microphone should be positioned 4-5 inches from your chin at a 45 degree angle

-Speak clearly, slowly, and with a strong tone of voice.  Use punctuation as a source of space.

-Do not swallow or combine syllables and be especially aware of “ending consonants” (d’s, t’s, etc.).

-Examples: Israel = “Is-ry-el”, not “Is-real”; “Lord, not Lor”

-Place a pause at the end of the reading, then say “The Word of the Lord” with some added authority.  Unfortunately, this phrase is often rushed or otherwise diminished.

-Those with physical handicaps are encouraged to use the wooden railings at the altar steps or  the ramp behind the Blessed Mother Shrine. 

Finally, read in a manner that inspires joy and awe in those who hear God’s word!