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The Saint Peter Celebration Center Hall

Contact Ryan Morris, ryan@saintpeterchurch.net for reservation information

Contact the parish office to discuss reserving the Celebration Center for your event!

Ted’s Grill, a new outdoor picnic space for Families and Friends of St. Peter Church, just outside the Celebration Center.

Event Planning

Embracing the needs of a family-friendly, youth-oriented, dynamically Catholic parish for the 21st century.

As our parish continues to grow, this 12,200 sq. ft. flexible-use facility will continue our charitable outreach as well as accommodate Faith Formation programs for all our parish families.

Are You Looking for a Venue for Your Wedding Reception, Funeral Luncheon, Baptism Celebration or Other Affair?
Contact ryan@saintpeterchurch.net for information.

Features: A state-of-the-art caterer’s kitchen; A well-landscaped, secure outdoor picnic pavilion to support youth & family activities; An indoor casual café for weekend fellowship; Spacious banquet facilities plus additional meeting rooms and classroom space; A covered portico connecting the church with the hall, surrounding a courtyard adjacent to existing hallways.

Our top priority is the proclamation of the Gospel, whether convenient or inconvenient, free of charge, to all who draw near. 

Disclaimer: In accordance with our short-term facilities use agreement, the Celebration Center is only rented to persons or non-profit organizations and only if the proposed use is compatible with the teachings and philosophies of the Roman Catholic Church.