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St. Peter Book Group: Join us Monday 3/18/24 7:00PM in the Couch Room to discuss: The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. 

Contact Camille Morrison summersincorolla@gmail.com for questions.

Excerpt: Named one of the 100 best novels of the twentieth century by Time magazine, it stands today as his masterpiece. Mexico, the late 1930s: A paramilitary group has outlawed the Catholic Church and is executing its clergy. Now the last priest is on the run, fleeing not just an unshakable police lieutenant but also his own wavering morals. As he scraps his way toward salvation, haunted by an affair from his past, the nameless "whiskey priest" is pulled between the bottle and the Bible, tempted to renounce his religion yet unable to ignore the higher calling he's chosen. Timeless and unforgettable, The Power and the Glory is a stunning portrait of both physical and spiritual survival by a master dramatist of the human soul.