Switching from WeShare to Breeze Giving

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Please follow the steps below very carefully. Viewing is most optimal on laptops or desktops. It is also recommended to have this open in a separate tab while you complete the steps.

Step 1: Sign into your WeShare Account

Step 2: Enter your WeShare credentials

If you forget your password, click “forgot password”


Call (877) 316-0260 if you need help accessing your WeShare account.

Step 3: Once signed in, select “Scheduled”

This allows you to see what is currently scheduled as recurring in WeShare.

Step 4: Once on “Scheduled” tab, click the trash can button to delete recurring payments

Step 5: Click here to access Breeze Giving

This is where you choose the donation amount, your fund type, donation schedule, and giving method

Note that the Sunday Collection is used for day-to-day operations at the parish and its programs, however, you may choose the other funds to give to also. We thank you for continued support of our parish and our initiatives.

Step 6: Fill in your payment information and click “Give”

You may also select the option to cover transaction fees so the full donation goes to the parish

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation email when payment is processed