PREP – Parish Religious Education

Our 1st Communion retreat and reception of the sacrament original dates have been postponed for now.

New dates TBA, after resumption of Public Masses are permitted


As of March 20, 2020, St. Peter PREP has gone completely to a “Home-study” model. All students have their textbooks in their backpacks. You, the parents teach the lesson at home (lesson #’s are found for each grade on the calendars listed on this page as a link) Students are to complete all pages in each chapter in the book and do all activities including the chapter and unit tests. This will continue for the remainder of this school year

Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)


We welcome you and your children to the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP). This program is open to all registered families of St. Peter Parish. Our office is located and our classes are held at the Pope John Paul II Regional Elementary School which is located directly across from the church.

Our faith is a precious gift entrusted to us all. The Church, the people of God here on earth, has the responsibility to carry out God’s command to teach all nations and to spread the Good News. In order to do this, mutual cooperation of church, parents, teachers, and students is of vital importance. The Church provides parents with additional help, the Catechist.

Catechetical instructors enrich, enlighten and strengthen our faith. However, Catechists are only aides to the parents. No young person will really grow to the fullness in faith unless they see a living faith at home. Of all the gifts you can give your children, a firm and solid faith, witnessed by you and encouraged by us, is the best of all. Therefore, we ask the cooperation of the parents to aid us in our work and to join in prayer with us as we ask God’s blessings on all we undertake in His name.



for both NEW and Re-REGISTERING Families:

Will be announced as soon as it is safe to do so.

Re-registering families have received their registration information in the mail.

Simply hold on to it at this time

Do NOT mail a check back to us –

All registrations for PREP must be done in person.

ALL CLASSES FILLED ON A FIRST COME BASIS – Priority is given to Volunteer Catechists and Aides

All NEW students not baptized at St. Peter Parish must provide a baptismal certificate at registration.

Tuition payments are expected at the time of registration. Tuition sheet on the website as a link

Please call or email the PREP office with any questions.

Thank YOU!



Phone: 610-384-3145
Fax: 610-679-5985

Director of Religious Education – Patrice Peterson


An Act of Spiritual Communion

Letter from Archbishop Perez, suspensions of masses – March 17, 2020

Archdiocese statement on PREP Programs March 13, 2020


Guidelines For Home-Based Catechesis Of Children


Weekly Lesson Plans (Grades 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Weekly Lesson Plans (Grade 2)

Weekly Lesson Plans (Grade 7) – No document. Follows Weekly Gospels Pflaum Gospel Weeklies

Weekly Lesson Plans (Grade 8 Confirmation)




When we have rescheduled dates for 1st Eucharist, we will let you know


Our PREP Volunteers attended our Annual In-Service Meetings in the Celebration Center.

Our guest speaker for this session was Debra Fox from Sadlier Publishing

Our 7th grade team met with Vince Lunetta from Pflaum Publishing for In-Service regarding the new program for 7th grade.

On Catechetical Sunday, PREP catechists and aides and PJPII teachers enjoyed a social after being blessed at the 11:00 Mass.










Emergency Closing Info

Will be posted on this page of the website in bold at the top of the page.
Or call the PREP office at 610-384-3145.

Please note: St. Peter PREP does not follow any school district schedule.

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