Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Mission Statement

Baptized into the life of the Holy Trinity and called to service in the Name of Jesus Christ, we of St. Peter Parish, strongly desire to be united as a Christian Family.
Together we will make prayer the source and strength of all our actions.
As a Spirit-Filled Catholic community, we commit ourselves to use our individual talents and gifts to reach out to one another in love and friendship.

Revealing the mission Jesus gave to his Church to “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19), a vibrant parish embodies particular aspects of parish life in bringing the good news of the Gospel to life. Our Parish Pastoral Plan provides a framework for the continued good work of the St. Peter faith community, characterized within the following Commissions:

Worship ~ Welcome ~ Education ~ Witness ~ Outreach

To read about pastoral planning, see the pages on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website devoted to a vast amount of information and statistics about the current state of our parish and all the parishes of the Archdiocese.
To read about pastoral planning based on the document ‘Characteristics of Vital parishes,’ see  What characteristics are found in vital parishes?

The following Parish Staff and Commission Chairpersons currently serve on Pastoral Council:

  • Fr. Michael Fitzpatrick – Pastor
  • Deacon Todd Smith – Leadership Team
  • Patrice Peterson – Director of Religious Education
  • Austin Flinn – Director of Liturgy & Coordinator of Music
  • Ryan Morris – Director of Media and Evangelization
  • Robin Burckhardt – Coordinator Parish Ministries
  • Jeff Yoder – Worship Commission
  • Pat & Bill O’Brien – Witness Commission
  • Barbara McCleary – Welcome Commission
  • Tim Perry, Kathy Kelly-Borowski, Cathy Turpin, Sharon & Ian Bowman – Education Commission
  • Jim Mulry, Carol & Chuck Beebe, Lawrence Barron, Joe Lisowski – Outreach Commission