Let Each One Take Care

“Let Each One Take Care”

Embracing the needs of a family-friendly, youth-oriented,
dynamically Catholic parish for the 21st century.

 Now Open!  Saint Peter Parish Hall,
a 12,200 sq. ft. flexible-use

As our parish continues to grow, the parish hall will continue our
charitable outreach as well as accommodate Faith Formation programs
for all our parish families.

Features : A state-of-the-art caterer’s kitchen; A well-landscaped, secure outdoor picnic pavilion to support youth & family activities; An indoor casual café for weekend fellowship; Spacious banquet facilities plus additional meeting rooms and classroom space; A covered portico connecting the church with the hall, surrounding a courtyard adjacent to existing hallways.

“Let Each One Take Care” is an initiative of the Parish Stewardship Commission to increase awareness of the need for planned, proportionate, and sustained financial support of the parish.

Our top priority is the proclamation of the Gospel, whether convenient or inconvenient,
free of charge, to all who draw near.