Growing in Faith Together

As an entryway for individuals and families to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Church, we invite you to consider participating in GIFTGrowing in Faith Together.  This is an opportunity to learn more about becoming a follower of Christ, to begin developing a personal relationship with Jesus, and to experience the support and nurturing of a committed Catholic community. Your GIFT includes the series Discovering Christ, a seven-week experience of sharing meals together, DVD teachings, fellowship and discussion. GIFT can provide a faith foundation for you to consider other more formal catechesis or sacramental preparation, such as The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

We welcome anyone who is interested in learning more, whether you have had little or no faith education in the past, or already have had years of more formal faith formation. We welcome those who have been members of another church community previously, or have little or no prior connection to any church.

Discovering Christ gatherings are designed for individuals to learn more about Jesus Christ, more about the Catholic faith, and more about our Saint Peter Parish family

Contact the parish office for more information.