Adult Education / Faith Formation

Advent is a special time of year to gain spiritual fruits, particularly peace and joy. A special mediator of these graces is our Blessed Mother Mary. In her humanity, she responded with virtue in a special way when the Lord Jesus entered into her life. Her response teaches us lessons that we can best learn from her in the history of salvation.

Ascension offers a new program specifically written to help Catholics prepare for Jesus’ birth as Mary did. It guides you through Mary’s experiences and encounters and sheds light on how they relate to our preparation for Christmas. This program is called Rejoice! Advent Meditations with Mary, from Fr. Mark Toups. It pairs thought-provoking and meaningful meditations with beautiful artwork and encouraging, inspirational videos.

Rejoice! Introduction video

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Rejoice! Advent Meditations with Mary Journal lets you walk beside Mary during the first Advent as you get to know her in a way you haven’t before.

Imagine having an Advent that is more peaceful, more joyful, and more meaningful than ever before.

Evening and daytime Bible studies, as well as additional programs highlighting particular studies of interest, are facilitated by interested individuals who work within our Education Commission to select and promote the programs, which typically commence in the Fall.

Watch the parish bulletin to learn when the next series will begin, or contact for more information.

Saint Peter Parish maintains a strong commitment to Adult Faith Formation by offering various adult education opportunities including the ChristLife series and the RCIA process.