Opening Soon at Saint Peter Parish

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Save the Date!
Plans are underway for a
Grand Opening weekend in September
Dedication of The Celebration Center

September 23rd & 24th after all Masses

6/30/2017: We await the installation of the exterior walls  although the sub-base of the walls is in place and covered in waterproofing materials. Fire sprinkler system is installed and has been tested.  It passed!  All electrical inspections are completed for this stage and as a result interior framing is 90% finished with interior drywall 75% finished.  Indoor kitchen equipment has arrived at Singer Equipment and is ready for installation according to schedule.

Outdoor kitchen installation will wait until the grading of the east-side picnic area is completed. (That’s where the construction trailer was located.) Playground equipment is ordered and will be installed in mid to late August.

Soon window frames will be installed, although windows will not go in until almost the end of the project.  Window openings  are covered to prevent intrusion of rain water. Auxiliary parking lot landscaping and lighting will be installed beginning next week.

We plan to install directional signs to help people find their way around the campus. We are also considering speed bumps and ‘don’t block the box’ driveway painting and signage. Additional handicapped spaces will be installed in the parking bay nearest Main Entrance of the Church so some parking will be compromised for a bit during July.

Individuals who would like to make a contribution to specific items for the Parish Hall or Meeting Rooms should contact the Parish Office as soon as possible.

There is much left to be done, and much patience is still required!

6/11/2017: The construction of the Parish Hall has entered a new and fast moving phase.  With the roofing materials installed and initial wall materials waterproofed and installed, interior work will move very fast.  This past week at least four trades, with about 25 professionals, were busy with plumbing, fire sprinkler systems, framing, and electrical installations.  Additionally Dennis Grafton, of Grafton Electronic Design, and Jeff Gilbertson, of The Gilbertson Group, met with Gardner Fox and me to finalize audio visual technology and security systems.  We hope to connect to our existing church media and provide for state-of-the-art technology for users of the parish hall.

We are finalizing the installation of the playground courtyard with Boyce Associates and Currie Playground installers with the hope of having the play area equipment in place by the end of August.  Turpin Landscaping is on track to complete installation of the outdoor kitchen, soon after the construction trailer leaves the site and the outdoor area is graded and seeded.

We should soon see two major installations as well.  Brogan Landscaping will install the required trees and shrubs in the auxiliary parking lot.  The parking light fixtures should be installed around the same time.  Also, the loggia (covered walkway) between the existing building and vestibule of the parish hall will gradually be completed.

4/30/2017 – Lots of progress being made now! All steel is erected and roof decking is in place. Rough coat of auxiliary parking lot has been laid. The finish or top coat and striping will not occur until almost the very end of the project. The finish coat will make it possible for us to use the auxiliary parking lot for carnival parking!
“Framing” of meeting rooms, bathrooms and indoor kitchen is completed. Also completed is the ‘hidden’ work of underground piping for runoff from roof downspouts and courtyard. On Tuesday, May 9, at our regularly scheduled “contractors meeting” we will finalize plans for the playground equipment to be installed in the courtyard. The contractor has supplied images of the planned equipment and these can be seen in the hallways leading to the office and meeting rooms. Prayer for the success of the project is much appreciated. Pray not just for good weather and safe construction, but also for wise planning for the use of the parish hall beginning next fall.
What type of event should we have to open the new parish hall? Send you suggestions to the Parish Pastoral Council at stpeterchesco@comcast.net.

4/18/2017 – Steel arrived – beams are set into place






3/19/2017 – Update: The weather during construction has been extraordinary!  Our builder, Gardner Fox, has established August 28 as the date for the finishing of the project.
Beginning this week the parking lot addition (required by the township) will make significant progress as concrete curbing is installed and the parameters of the parking lot become more evident.  The additional parking area will provide 153 more parking spaces.  This complies with, and even exceeds, the required number of parking spaces relative to the seating capacity of the parish hall (275 people for a sit down dinner).
Underground plumbing connections, for the indoor kitchen, the café, and the bathrooms, are set at the parish hall site and nearly 100% of concrete “footers and foundations” are poured.  These achievements were possible in such a timely manner because of the mild winter. Amazing progress is possible because of workable soil for digging, excavating, and moving materials into place. A big factor for both parish hall location and the additional parking area is the planning from 10 years ago.  Both sites were in such favorable stages of preparation allowing implementation of rapid mobilization and construction stages.  Soon gravel sub base will be installed for the parish hall pad and for the parking area.  By April 17 (the week after Easter) we will see steel installation.  Work will move very rapidly from then on as walls will be built and roofing can be installed.

February 2017 – Update: Construction is scheduled to take 210 working days, about 7 months. If all goes well we can plan for hall completion by September of 2017. In general the parish hall construction will include a large parish hall with banquet/event seating for 275 persons. The building will include a separate section of additional meeting space, additional restrooms, and an indoor kitchen facility designed by Singer Equipment Supply located at 150 S. Twin Valley Road, Elverson, PA 19520 (singerequipment.com.) The indoor kitchen will include a six unit electric range, electric convection oven, food warming/food holding cabinets, a 3 compartment sink and separate hand washing station, an ice maker, freezer and separate refrigerators, several work tables/preparation tables, and an exhaust system.

Additional parking is being constructed across the loop road, and adjacent to the Pope John Paul II Catholic School property, providing 155 additional parking spaces. The new parking area will be well lighted and landscaped in accord with West Brandywine Township requirements.Parish Hall planning

1/10/2017 – Update: All township approvals, construction planning and financing are in place.  Throughout late November and all of December we have been negotiating the stipulations placed on the project by the Archdiocese.  Some of the stipulations were known to us from the original approval of Archdiocesan College of Consultors (June 24, 2016).  These included arranging of funding and possible bank loans, providing a 5-year budget plan, completing and submitting for review 100% complete building plans and completing all governmental (Township) approval processes. At a certain point, several Archdiocesan stipulations not previously articulated stopped the process and delayed the start of construction.  We are very close to breaking ground on this long-awaited project!

10/16/2016 – Parish Hall Construction: We have more progress to report regarding construction of the parish hall.  The West Brandywine Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors have approved the most recent version of our Parish Hall plans.  Several financial institutions have expressed interest in offering a “Term Sheet” for the project.  The builder, Gardner Fox, has delivered final plans to the parish.

What more needs to be done?  The Archdiocesan Legal Services Office, theconstruction-trailer-arrives Parish Financial Support and Service Office, and the Office for Property Services and Real Estate will have to approve all the construction documents and financing plans.  Also, a building permit will have to be issued by the Township.

The parish will soon see a construction trailer on the site and some Gardner Fox signs directing vehicles to and from the site.  Surveyor stakes and silt fences will also likely appear on the property, signaling preparations for the project to begin.  It is beginning to look like we may be ahead of schedule for our February 30 groundbreaking!

July 2016 – We are pleased to announce the impending Saint Peter Parish Hall: On Friday, June 24, 2016, Archbishop Chaput approved our plans for the construction of Saint Peter Parish Hall. In the 10 years since the move from our original site and construction of the permanent Saint Peter Church building, we have succeeded in saving significant funds for the completion of the parish hall. We express sincere thanks to all who have participated in supporting the vision of a parish hall. 

The archdiocese expressed its appreciation to our parish leadership, specifically the Parish Finance Council and Parish Pastoral Council for their dedication to the mission and vision of the parish.  The professional financial projections our Finance Council offered were very helpful to the College of Consultors and the Archbishop.  Cited very specifically was the strong financial support of our parishioners in meeting our debt reduction obligations over the past ten years, as well as the excellent fiscal management and accurate timely financial reporting of our parish leadership.
The parish hall will need to accommodate Faith Formation programs and processes for all our parish families.  The ChristLife programs (Discovering Christ, Following Christ and Sharing Christ), RCIA and family faith formation processes will flourish in the new facility. A well-landscaped, secure, outdoor kitchen facility with grills, ovens and sinks will support youth and family activities.  Parish groups will be able to function with greater flexibility and broader programming using both the outdoor facility and the indoor “caterers” kitchen.

The design of the hall finishes the third side of the existing courtyard and a covered portico will help enclose the courtyard connecting the front of the church with the hall.  The facility will be totally accessible for those with disabilities.  Additional restroom facilities and storage are also a part of the planned construction.