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September 24, 2017
 ‘The Church is the soul of St. Peter Parish; the Celebration Center will be its heart!’ This paraphrase from a long-time parishioner captured their deep sense of the importance they placed on the construction of a parish hall. Originally planned as part of the construction of St. Peter Church in 2007, the 10-year delay enabled us to better assess the needs of our growing number of families and to become an amazing parish of the 21st century!
The weekend has finally come for us to open the Celebration Center for use by the families of our parish. Since January 30, we have watched as the various stages of construction were completed before our eyes. Two hundred and ten working days (9 months) were scheduled in the contract and by agreement with the parish construction team. Gardner Fox and the contractors brought the project in with 27 days to spare! Now, with the building substantially completed we give thanks to God for the skill of the working women and men who designed and built our Parish Hall, which we have named “The Celebration Center.” The facility includes more than the main hall. There is a little people’s playground, a covered cloister walkway, a covered loggia connecting the church with the lobby of the Celebration Center, extension of the hallway nearest the meeting rooms providing straight through access to the center, additional handicapped parking, 143 more parking spaces, a large meeting room, a state of the art kitchen, and 8 additional restrooms. Special features include a café, a fireplace, and, as soon as feasible, state-of-the-art security, audio, video, and internet technology!
The entire facility is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act protocols, and continues our parish vision regarding ADA requirements.
Great gratitude is due to to all those who participated in bringing this project to completion!