Adult Education / Faith Formation

“Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John”

What do you thirst for most in life? Some want recognition, others acceptance, love, and more. Underlying all our desires is a deeper thirst: a thirst for God. It is what motivated the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, the woman at the well, and others in the Gospel of John to set aside what they knew and follow Jesus when he came to them.  Jesus is seeking us out too, beckoning us to come and see and follow Him as disciples, but more so as his friends. In this new Ascension Press Bible Study, journey through the Gospel of John and encounter anew the love of God in Jesus. Experience the joy of a closer relationship with Christ, and see how God—and only God—can satisfy the deepest desires of your heart.

Participants receive a workbook and meet each week to view an engaging video presentation by Dr. Edward Sri, followed by a lively group discussion and fellowship. Dr. Sri will explain how Christ’s encounters in the Gospel show how he lovingly and persistently calls each of us to a more intimate relationship with him.

Presenter:       Jan Smith
Location:        Meeting Rooms          A-B
Dates:          Mondays, 10 AM – 12 PM
8 weeks (January 22, 2018 through March 12, 2018)
Registration Form:  FollowMe 
Course Fee:    $30 (includes study guide and online access to DVDs if you miss a class!)

LECTIO: EVANGELIZATION and the Acts of the Apostles

Who better to look to for guidance on evangelization than the Apostles and disciples of the early Church? And what better place to read their stories than in the firsthand account of the Acts of the Apostles? In the ten-part series Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines insightful biblical study with Church teaching and practical advice to show how modern Catholics can effectively impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Healy dives deep into the Acts of the Apostles to show how the early church was successful at evangelizing while today, although we are “baptized, sacramentalized and catechized”, we are perhaps not adequately evangelized. Her studies and research bring to the fore many inspiring biblical insights that promise to reveal to each of us a much stronger foundation of faith – and a genuine desire to openly use the Gifts of the Spirit every day.

Presenter:       Deacon Todd Smith
Location:        Meeting Rooms  A-B
Wednesday    10 AM –12 PM   ~   10 weeks
(October 18, 2017 through December 20, 2017)
Registration Form: Deadline for registration has passed. 
Contact  for more information.
Course Fee:    $40 (includes study guide)